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From Benjamin Franklin to Susanna Wright, 21 November 1751

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Carl Van Doren, ed., Letters and Papers of Benjamin Franklin and Richard Jackson – (Phila., ), p. 5. Upon Springett’s death his rights passed to his mother, the former Ann Penn, and through her to Durdin.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts inBenjamin Franklin assisted his father, a tallow chandler and soap boiler, in his business from to In young Franklin was apprenticed to his brother James, as a printer.

Class participation = 50%, final essay = 50% of grade) if you check on Penn Course Review (Penn's own "rateyourprofessors" sort of thing), the seminar scored a healthy + in terms of difficulty (4 max).


The University of Pennsylvania, or Penn, was established in and is one of the oldest universities in America. This prestigious Ivy League school is known for its top-notch research as well as its undergraduate programs that focus on practical applications grounded in a strong liberal arts foundation.

I. nBenjamin Franklin was 43 years old: a wealthy printer just retired from business life, socially influential and ambitious, and eager to turn his attention to non-commercial pursuits like science, politics, and education.

Upenn benjamin franklin essay
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