Sms based home appliance control system

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PIC 16f877 based Projects

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Microcontroller Based Projects

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SMS Based Device Control using GSM Modem

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Motors are normally used for industrial control, automation and home electrical appliance. It spans everything from residential washing machines, fans, hand-held power tools, automotive window lift, traction control system, industrial drives and many more.

GSM system based on time division multiplexing is discussed. Also find details and working of GSM modem, its interfacing to microcontroller and applications. CG-ONE On-Premise Control, Stable and Versatile. CommzGate ONE (CG-ONE) is an palm-sized appliance hardware designed to solve specific IT challenges using SMS messaging while offering data privacy and control that can't be offered by cloud-based SMS service providers.

Elhindi Abdalla studies To Remotly Control Home Appliance Through Web or Sms, SMS based Remote Control System, and GSM based electrical control system for smart home.

Sms based home appliance control system
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