Poetry father returning home

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Father Returning Home by Dilip Chitre

In the poem Father Returning Home. In his sleep. An example of imagery is found in the following lines describing the father’s routine of travelling by a local train. the pathos of an old father. Style: Dilip Chitre’s poetry follows the tradition of dramatic monologue.5/5(1).

Father Returning Home by Dilip Chitre is probably the most famous poem by this Indian poet. It is an autobiographical poem where the poet shows the loneliness and world-weariness of an old man in the modern society by depicting a picture of his own father returning home from work.

Father Returning Home is a short and appealing poem about an old man in a cosmopolitan city where his own sons and daughters treat him as an alien. we get 5/5(1). Father Returning Home is a dramatic monologue, the voice of a son or daughter detailing two scenes from the life of their father.

The opening scene, the first stanza, concentrates on the city commute home from work, the inherent loneliness of a man who is disillusioned with his life.

Father Returning Home

Father Returning Home Analysis Lines 1- 7 While the focus of this poem is the “father,” the first line reveals that the narrator is his child, though no information is given about the child. Father Returning Home Analysis Lines 1- 7 While the focus of this poem is the “father,” the first line reveals that the narrator is his child, though no information is given about the child.

Poetry father returning home
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