Maintenance of minority languages in majority settings essay

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Minority Rights Protection Minorities Majority

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Teaching Indigenous Languages

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The Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs (OBEMLA) Roundtable on stabilizing indigenous languages that was held in November,in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a step towards helping tribes develop comprehensive plans for tribal language maintenance and renewal.

What is an endangered language?

teaching, maintenance, and revival. This help is based in part on the dictionaries and grammars that they write. But linguists can help in other ways, too, using their experience in teaching and hundreds as the majority of the world's languages—. Some countries have also gone to an extent of declaring that the minority languages are the national languages of their countries and this is a boost towards preserving the languages.

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Keeping Minority Languages Alive: The School's Responsibility Gina P. Cantoni This paper discusses the need for systematic school-wide support of the use of indigenous languages among those who learn them at home and of appropriate instruction in the same languages for those who do not.

The term “minority language” enjoys a natural, but problematic, definition. In the most straightforward sense, a minority language is simply one spoken by less than 50 percent of a population in a given region, state or country. The key criterion here is the size of the speaker population within.

Maintenance of minority languages in majority settings essay
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Maintaining and Renewing Indigenous Languages