Importance of using self compacting concrete construction essay

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Self Compacting Concrete

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Self-compacting Concrete

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Durability Durability is a particular analysis of the literary life and the future of concrete in an experienced environment. Benefits and Advantages of Self Compacting Concrete Self compacting concrete (SCC) can be classified as an advanced construction material.

The SCC as the name suggests, does not require to be vibrated to achieve full compaction. To produce self-compacting concrete, the use of fillers, or finest aggregate fraction, has much importance to avoid segregation and ensure satisfactory results.

In the mineral industry, from the production of clean aggregate for concrete, there is much use of an excess “dust” or fine material. Making self compacting concrete, particularly of high strength, adds further to the complexity.

For production of high strength concrete would the use of relatively low water/binder ratio. Binder generally include silica fume while increasing the strength reduces the workability needed for SCC.

Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) – Advantages And Disadvantages

Self-Compacting Concrete also known as self-levelling concrete or the Self-consolidating concrete describes a concrete with the capability to compact itself purely by the support of its own weight and doesn’t necessarily require vibration.

Self-compacting concrete is a non-segregating concrete that is placed by means of its own weight. The importance of self-compacting concrete is that maintains all concrete’s durability and characteristics, meeting expected performance requirements.

Conventional methods using vibration to compact the concrete were insufficient, resulting in honeycombing and compromising the structures quality assurance.

SCC was born from the desire to make the concrete compacting completely independent of the production context, whether in the technical plan or the manpower. [Amziane et al.

pp, 2. ].

Importance of using self compacting concrete construction essay
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