Essay on compulsory primary education

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The Austrian education system School in Austria is free and public and compulsory for all children for 9 years. The education for children is divided into three main categories which are primary, lower secondary and upper secondary school.

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Primary education is based mainly on reading, writing and arithmetic. This is the minimum education that one should get, specially in a poor country like India, where.

Physical education is Education and thus, must be compulsory. Wow!

Essay on the Efforts to Make Primary Education Compulsory in India

I can't believe the amount of negativity towards PE. I am buy no means a sports fan and I do not believe in paying professional athletes those ridiculous salaries for throwing a ball. An Essay on the Importance of Education ( words, 3 pages) School an institution, a building, a safe haven, and a learning place bursting with education to teach our young people.

With teachers who are devoting their entire life into providing a sound foundation and opening new horizons to broaden their minds with a world of knowledge. “The UN estimates that million additional new teachers are required to achieve universal primary education byand million more are needed to achieve universal lower secondary education by ” (Global Citizens) For the world to have a proper education trained teachers are needed but we don’t have enough of those.

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DEVELOPMENT HISTORY, CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS Introduction Overview of Vietnam - Significant Achievements - Purpose of the Report "While waiting for the establishment of compulsory primary education, teaching the national language will be compulsory from now on and free for everyone"5.

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Essay on compulsory primary education
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